Sony Pictures is re-releasing Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters later this month along with a never-seen-before action scene, Variety reports. The new scene clocks in at four-minutes-long and is part of an extended cut that will be released in the US and Canada on August 29.

While there's no information available yet that states exactly what the footage will contain, Screen Rant suggests it could be set around one of Peter Parker's last nights out in New York City. Just before he and his classmates leave for Europe, there's a brief clip of Spider-Man stopping a gunfight before the cops, which has the potential to be extended into a longer sequence.

The move comes after reports that the latest Marvel offering has become Sony's highest-grossing film ever, taking in $1.1 billion worldwide. The hope will be that the re-release sends Spidey fans back to theaters for an additional spike in ticket sales.

The same tactic was employed with Avengers: Endgame after it had already earned $2.74 billion worldwide. The move helped the final Avengers outing overtake Avatar as the biggest film of all time, bumping global takings to $2.7902 billion.

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