We've been spending a lot of time thinking about the prospect of the inevitable Metaverse, and if it is anything like Stefan Cooke x The Sims 4, sign us up.

The London-based designer has partnered with The Sims to make some of his real-world creations available in-game. Arriving as part of The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit, users can style their Sim in 23 new pieces from Stefan Cooke collections, including denim, a wool varsity coat, and more.

Together with partner Jake Burt, Cooke's creations are now available digitally and continue to push the label's mission to find new and expressive paths to self-discovery. "We were attracted to the collaboration given The Sims’ impact on popular culture, and it also offered the opportunity to explore fashion digitally, but in the most professional way. What The Sims offers their players is something that resonates with us, as the game gives people options to express their identity, as we hope our clothing gives people options to express themselves," Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt said.

With the Metaverse on everyone's mind, it is clear that the ongoing digitalization of everything will have an impact. "People treat their virtual selves as an extension on their physical selves, and often people want to dress similarly to how they would in real life, this is something we learned whilst working on The Sims project," Cooke tells us. "I think this connection between people and their online selves is something really interesting to explore as it often isn't so much about fantasy, it’s about a real online reflection of yourself. This will definitely affect the way fashion is consumed and used, I'm sure the digital fashion market will open more and more over the next few years."

Regardless of whether you still play the game or not, one could argue that most of us have probably played or at least encountered The Sims in their lifetime. "I think pretty much everyone you speak to has spent some time playing The Sims, or at least knows what it is. This is why we were drawn to this collaboration; The Sims is itself an institution, it’s one of the best selling video game franchises ever and it’s exciting to be a part of its history." As the crossover between fashion and gaming continues to grow and develop, we're guaranteed to see a lot more collaborations surface as the industry grows. You'll be able to use the new Stefan Cooke styles in The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit starting December 2.

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