Los Angeles-based designer Stephen Kenn is expanding the leather-focused home and travel collections that have gained his studio a following among those who favor an industrial aesthetic. The latest sees Kenn and his wife and business partner, Beks Opperman, round out the "Inheritance" collection with an impeccably designed bed, a small capsule of side tables, and a dining table and chair set. The "Inheritance" collection was formerly comprised of steel-welded, polished brass seating that featured re-purposed WWII era military fabric as cushion covers.

The additions, which are largely crafted from wood, brass and steel, are admittedly a bit of a directional change for the collection. More in the sense that the sofas favored a more vintage look while Kenn's newest pieces are decidedly more contemporary. However, they follow the same less-is-more design ideology present in the military chairs. For instance, the bed aims to reduce clutter by incorporating side tables and a footboard bench directly into the actual frame. Similarly the side and wing tables were created specifically to act as additions to the military-inspired sofas and chairs; all of the tables easily attach to the arm frame to hold small objects or just act as an elbow rest.

Lastly, Kenn's steel and oak dining set is a study in simplicity, featuring a straightforward design scheme and very little ornamentation. Even still, its functionality cannot be questioned; the table seamlessly expands from 60 inches to 96 inches to comfortably seat parties of six to 10.

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