Earlier this summer Chinatown Soccer Club hosted the year's Chinatown Invitational in Lower Manhattan. The tournament consisted of four different clubs from around the globe, CSC (New York), Ringleaders FC (Montreal), Soho Warriors FC (London), and Stone Island FC (Milan), as the teams were highlighted by an eclectic group of creatives united by a shared love of soccer.

To document the occasion, Stone Island solicited writer, director and CSC member Alexander Klein. Klein in turn captured the diversity and camaraderie of the tournament.

"The short film was inspired by the pitches of downtown New York," Klein revealed. "It’s soccer infused with the sights, sounds, and energy of New York City — creating a sporting flavor unlike anything else in the world."

The Chinatown Invitational film will be on display at the Nanogallery (100 Forsyth Street), beginning tonight at 6 p.m. and running through September 11.

Alongside the visual, there will be an installation of additional imagery captured before and during the tournament.

After watching the clip above, be sure to take a look at Stone Island's recently-released lookbook preview for FW16, below.

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