Nevada counties have declared a state of emergency in view of the joke-turned-meme-turned-reality "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" event planned for September 20. With over 2 million people claiming they will be attending the Facebook event, what started as a joke has become all too real.

Matty Roberts created the now-famous event which has spurred three supposedly real festivals over the weekend of September 20. The bid to “see them aliens” was as he admits just a joke, but it's taken on a life of its own in the depths of internet meme culture.

While most of the 2 million people “attending" the Area 51 raid are just in it for the memes, for the sparsely populated Nevada counties in question there's still a legitimate concern. According to ABC15, Jon Koenig, chairman of the Nye County Commission, predicts “There will probably be no water ... or ice available, because everything's going to sell out… There will be no gas left in the gas stations. No food. Nowhere to go potty.”

How many people will actually gather in the Nevada Dessert near the storied extraterrestrial hotbed to fight  — or save — extraterrestrials remains to be seen. Until then, if you're still pondering alien-appropriate fits for the big event, check out our list of must-cop clothing to storm Area 51. You're welcome.

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