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Wiley has taken another shot at Stormzy, dropping another diss track that marks the fifth between them this week alone. The track is titled ”Eediyat Skengman 3” and in it, he continues to blow off steam about Stormzy’s relationship with Ed Sheeran.

The third track in Wiley’s series finds him belittling Stormzy’s rise to fame, saying he’d never have made it had Sheeran not introduced him to JAY-Z. “Ed got you in the room with JAY-Z/ But you came back with that bullsh*t after/ Dun I said, take who back to where?/ Because this whole campaign, I see is air.”

Listen below.

”Eediyat Skengman 3” arrived in response to Stormzy’s “Still Disappointed,” which dropped on Wednesday alongside a video of himself sipping coffee and throwing shade at Wiley and his family.

“Since you want to diss my mum so much, let’s talk about why you moved your mum to Cyprus. That poor little woman was scared in the house, you put her life in danger you prick.” And so forth. Listen below.

“Still Disappointed” followed “Disappointed,” tracks that were released in response to Wiley’s “Eediyat Skengman 1” and “Eediyat Skengman 2.” Wiley’s second drop included lyrics like, “I’ve done more for you than your dad” and “If I see your mom down on Croydon Market, I’m gonna rip that weave off her head.”

If you’re not up to speed, this feud has been building for quite some time, dating back to August last year when Wiley threw shade at Stormzy for teaming up with Ed Sheeran on “Take Me Back To London.” Wiley claimed that Sheeran was piggybacking on the grime genre to make himself “look good,” a remark that was promptly shut down by the Heavy is the Head artist.

It was this back-and-forth that lead to Stormzy’s September 2019 album track “Wiley Flow,” which featured the bar, “If you can’t do 10K first week then I don’t wanna hear no chat about numbers.”

Everything seemingly calmed down until an exchange on Twitter on New Year’s Day, when Wiley brought up Sheeran again, leading Stormzy to call Wiley a “weirdo,” a “fossil,” and “annoying as hell.”

You can read more on Wiley’s opinions about Sheeran here and find all this week’s diss tracks below.

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