Stussy Hoffman Fabrics Hawaiian Shirts 01

If there's one trend that hasn't lost steam over the last few years, it's the Hawaiian shirt. Though originally seen as an "anti-fashion" statement, surf style seems to be more popular than ever. Having appeared in recent Gucci and Saint Laurent collections, the patterned, surf-inspired short-sleeve shirts have found their way onto the backs of fashion fiends the world over.

No stranger to the tried-and-true surf vibe, veteran street label Stussy looks to historic California label Hoffman Fabrics for an original take on the iconic aloha print for Summer 2016. With deep and significant ties to surf culture, Hoffman (founded in 1924) is a true classic and actually sold Stussy their first fabrics back in the '80s.

Head to Stussy to read all about Hoffman and to shop their current collaboration.

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