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The very first International Stussy Tribe Gathering was held in Tokyo in 1991, and was basically a giant party that brought together all the global personalities involved in the subcultures surrounding the legendary West Coast label.

The Gathering has been held a total of four times: in 1991, 2003, for the brand’s 25th anniversary in 2005, and now again in the November of this year to commemorate the brand’s 35th anniversary.

To mark this historic milestone, Stussy is set to release two products paying tribute to the Tribe: an IST Varsity Jacket with custom embroidery bearing the name of each of the 15 cities where Stussy Tribe chapters are located, and a coffee table-style Vintage Retrospective Book that chronicles the brand’s most iconic designs throughout the years. The IST Varsity Jackets were first gifted to original members of the crew all those years ago – London streetwear OG Michael Kopelman still has his.

In terms of detailing, the jacket is constructed from a wool body with leather sleeves, while the hardback book comes in a black wool cloth wrap and a tonal Stussy logo cover.

Both are available from Stussy chapter stores and the brand’s official site as of today.

What to see more commemorative 35th anniversary Stussy jackets? Check out this one they did with Dover Street Market Ginza.

Words by Aleks Eror