You've seen a bogo brick, a motorbike, and a pinball machine, but did you ever think you'd see a Supreme bobsled? When it comes to accessories, the New York brand consistently surprises, and we doubt anyone saw this Cool Runnings' pivot coming.

Though it might be their wildest accessory to date, this isn't the first time Supreme has dipped its toe into the winter sports arena. Last October, Supreme dropped a long sleeve in its collection with an image of the sled on it. And of course, there was the more lo-fi sled from FW17.

Way back in 2007,  after the success of the first Supreme x Oakley Frogskin sunglasses, the NY crew mocked up a Supreme ski goggles Oakley had produced, with the Box Logo branded on the strap. Seven years later, the Supreme x Smith goggle made it into the FW15 collection.

Supreme’s accessories often feel random to the point of trolling at first but each one does have a genuine reason behind it, and a legitimate connection to the brand and its personnel. Time will tell what inspired this addition, or whether we'll see a Supreme bobsled hurtling down mountains any time soon or whether this is a one-off — which it might be, considering an Olympic bobsled can cost around $50,000. But while we wait for that info, Highsnobiety's resident winter sports-enthusiast, Fabian Gorsler (who may or may not have too much time on his hands) did some quick math and discovered that, if Supreme's bobsled does cost Olympic levels, you only need 150 of your closet pals and/or colleagues to chip in $335 each. You in?

Check out the high-octane announcement below which shows the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team competing on a Supreme branded sled. Check out the 50 greatest Supreme accessories of all time and the stories behind them.

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