If you've been following the craziness behind Supreme's most recent Box Logo Hoodie drop, you'll know all about the feelings of betrayal, saltiness and tears that ensued as a result, and now to add insult to injury we have comprehensive data as exactly how low your chances were of copping one.

Splay, Supreme's e-commerce handler, recently posted a picture to Instagram featuring the exact numbers for the number of pageviews on Supreme's site on December 8.

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It's a bit of a stretch, but given this data, if we exclude how singular users likely refreshed pages dozens of times, 1/7th of the world's population would've been trying to cop a Box Logo Hoodie. Obviously this wasn't the case, but it really goes to show how hard people go when copping Box Logo Hoodies through usage of multiple devices, bots and other optimization technology.

No worries, though: if you weren't able to cop your own hoodie, you can at least try rocking some Supreme through GTA Online's latest update. Check it out here.

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