I.T. Beijing Market, BEAMS, Saint Laurent, Gentle Monster and Raf Simons are just some of the stores to be found in Beijing's uber-trendy Sanlitun Village, but it's a less-heralded spot situated a few blocks over which often captures the imagination of visiting streetwear heads and skaters. Opened last summer, The ROOTS is China's biggest Supreme-dedicated boutique.

As Racked explores, the premises is the brainchild of Hebei native Hu Peng, aka Hood P, who claims to have amassed a personal collection of Sup worth around $1.5 million. Hood P copped much of his collection via online auction sites, and says a mid-'00s obsession with brands such as Rocawear and Sean John served as a gateway to him discovering the 'Preme. From Kermit box logos to Arabic decks — if you have money to burn, then you'll most likely find what you're looking for in P's reserve.

Having spent much of his early career in the media industry, P transferred to the retail game after his hip-hop magazine fell foul of government censure. P has big plans for The ROOTS, with a second store opening in Hong Kong imminent as he attempts to proselytize his countrymen to the faith of the bogo.

"They don't know the brand. They think it's called Super Me," says the collector, before adding later: "I know fashion can change, but the roots of a tree cannot change, and I believe the roots of Supreme are the roots of street culture, and I want this shop to be the root of street culture in Beijing.”

To read the fascinating article and interview with P, head on over to Racked.

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