NYC beware: there's a new threat plaguing the streets, and it's not Donald Trump. Yesterday, a rather bizarre video surfaced of a crazed loon vandalizing Supreme's Lafayette Street flagship. The perpetrator, who calls himself "Ape," embarks on a tirade against the beloved streetwear magnate, cursing Supreme and all of its affiliates - fans, store employees, Jonah Hill (??) - in the process.

In addition to the YouTube clip, the BAPE-loving hooligan brought life to his Twitter account with a series of Supreme-bashing tweets.

Things took a rather disturbing turn, however, when the unnamed culprit sent forth his "goons" to attack an unassuming Supreme fanboy while he was lining up in front of the store last night.

We'll keep you updated on the true identity of Ape as he continues to terrorize Supreme fans in the days to come. Have you seen Ape? Let us know.

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