It has been well-documented that in-store releases at virtually all Supreme locations cause mayhem. Kids line up for days down sidewalks and around blocks, just to cop the latest release from the streetwear mainstay.

Supreme’s London location is no different, as just last week, the retailer saw an insane line, roughly 10 people wide, crowded down the street and around the corner, all hoping to cop some Spring/Summer 2016 goods. Because of this, locals have become annoyed with the inconvenience and have been subsequently filing complaints.

Manager of Supreme London, Dan Jagger, has since revealed that the London location is now in danger of being shut down by the local council. Jagger disclosed the news in a private Facebook group, Supreme Talk UK/EU. While the retailer is currently under a microscope, the council has also asked them to add more security to keep lines in order. Evidently, security has also been a problem for Supreme London, as they have been accused of treating customers poorly and selling lost or stolen items.

For the foreseeable future, Supreme London’s in-store releases could be in jeopardy as they try to work out a way to keep their doors open and the locals happy.

Not NYC, not LA.