Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were hoping to cop a piece from the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection, you may be out of luck. According to HYPEBEAST, a representative from Louis Vuitton's Client Services department has confirmed the cancellation of any further pop-up stores.

That includes the rumored release in New York this Friday. HYPEBEAST got in contact with "Krystal P," one of LV's client services reps, who sent the below email confirming the demise.

The email, which is posted below, says: "Regrettably, this collection will no longer be sold in any stores or online. However, please visit our social media channels and website for updates: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/stories/supreme"

The initial pop-up stores in cities like London, Sydney, Paris and Seoul all opened according to plan. The only stateside release occurred in Los Angeles. The collection was so well-received that certain locations like Tokyo actually closed early due to completely selling out of stock. It's also become a hit amongst celebrities from Justin Bieber to unexpected streetwear icon Celine Dion.

The news is the latest blow to East Coast enthusiasts hoping to cop the collection. On May 18, Manhattan Community Board No. 2 unanimously denied a proposed space on Bond Street for a planned NY pop-up space.

For now, people hoping to get a piece might have to haggle with resellers. The collection is currently going on the aftermarket for upwards of $1,000 per piece.

For another perspective on the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab, read why NYC skaters feel betrayed by the two titans of industry coming together.

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