A streetwear company in China is believed to have hired an actor to pose as the "President" of Supreme during a launch event in Guangzhou.

The brand, OXN, was launching a fake Supreme collaboration and allegedly hired the actor to pose as the head of the company to make it seem like the products were legitimate, according to Chinese streetwear site Blackstar.

A video of the launch has been circulating on social media. The caption states that the man tricked the Chinese company into believing he was the head of Supreme and finessed multiple deals, but the Chinese report contradicts that take, suggesting OXN was the one behind the ruse.

Bizarre as it seems, hiring Western actors for business events is actually common practice in China, in what has become known as the country's “rent a foreigner” business.

Watch the video and browse OXN's lookbook above, and then let us know what you think of the whole strange affair in the comments.

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