Almost a year ago, Highsnobiety featured Lance Walsh: the 57-year-old fruit-vendor who has a serious penchant for Supreme gear. Known for selling his product outside Supreme’s Soho, London store, the father of three is now the star of a short documentary titled Supreme Reality.

Directed by Lucie Beecham, the film explores a day in the life of Walsh and how his early start working at the market stall led him to the world of streetwear. Over the past three to four years, Walsh began collecting Supreme gear – starting with accessories and eventually moving on to full-blown matching sets. His growing love for the brand was then notably charted on his Instagram account @dinneranddance, where he racked up a huge following.

“I just got a hat at first, then I used to get bits each week,” Walsh explains in the documentary. “I like the little different, bright designs; it reminds me of an exotic fruit. I don’t get anything that’s not practical for me, doesn’t matter what it is. I wear mine every day, some of those people are just buying it to resell it or wear it once.”

For more insights on Walsh and his love for all things Supreme, check out the documentary in full, above. When you’re done, revisit our interview with Charles Allcroft, the 73-year-old streetwear God.

  • Main & Featured Image:Lucie Beecham / Vimeo

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