Streetwear is a young man's (and woman's!) sport, and as time goes on, many of the older guys in the scene take a look back at the vast amount of money they've spent on their passion, and decide that it's time to let some things go.

Supreme mega-fan, Tith K, recently chose to sell his entire collection of rare and coveted streetwear in his hometown of Munich, Germany. Tith's collection features some next-level grails, including tons of Supreme Bogo tees, fan-favorite The North Face collabs and some legendary Staple x Nike SB "Pigeon" Dunks, which caused a riot when they were released back in 2005.

Despite being located deep in the south of Germany, the opening day of Tith's pop-up space still had kids lining up outside, ready to drop considerable sums of cash on archive streetwear grails. The thirst is real these days.

Like many old-school streetwear heads, Tith is a bit tired of the insane hype surrounding the culture these days. In the past, streetwear was niche — a small community of guys who all knew each other, and used the internet to hunt down rare brands they were truly passionate about. These days, social media has turbo-charged the buzz to the point of insanity, and that's one of the reasons many older fans are deciding to move on.

We caught up with Tith to find out how much his collection cost, why he's chosen to get rid of it all and what he thinks of the streetwear scene these days.

Keep an eye out for his next venture, the kids' streetwear store WHAT A PETIT, when it launches in the coming months. There's still some pieces left at Tith's pop-up space, which closes for good this Saturday, March 4, and can be found at the below address:

Zieblandstrasse 2, 80799 Munich Germany

Open Monday - Thursday, 1pm-6pm Friday and Saturday, 11am-6pm

Tell us about your collection. How long have you been collecting Supreme for? How many pieces are there? Why are you selling it all?

I started collecting back in 2003. I haven’t counted the collection, but it's around 300 pieces — the shop is packed with dope stuff. To be honest, I can use the cash and now is the best time to let it go.

The response to the pop-up shop in the Maxvorstadt district has been great. It's where I'm also setting up my first physical streetwear store for kids, WHAT A PETIT, in a few weeks, and it's next to our neighbors and friends from the Harvest Store.

I really look forward to passing my gear on to a new generation of collectors and Supreme fans.

How much have you spent on Supreme over the years? How much is this collection worth now?

Put it this way, I could have bought a new Beamer with all the money I spent. If all goes well, I guess I can double or triple the value of the collection. Other than Supreme, I am selling some Nikes, Jordans, visvim, Palace, ACRONYM...

What's the most expensive piece in the collection?

Probably the Supreme x The North Face Jacket from 2007 and the Pigeon SB Dunks.

What's your favorite piece from the collection?

The Schott NYC x Supreme Perfecto, which I’m actually keeping.

How did you first discover Supreme, and when?

I am/was a big sneaker collector and used to skate, so I guess that was my entry which all started in early 2000. The Supreme attitude and designs caught my attention right away. Their approach was different and straightforward. And I loved the fact that not everyone had it. Supreme really knows how to separate themselves from the pack.

What do you think of the hype around Supreme these days?

The hype is too much… we could all kinda see this coming. I’m bored of seeing Supreme everywhere on everyone. It’s kinda cheesy to romanticize the past, but it’s true: it used to be more special.

How has the Supreme fan scene changed over the years?

It’s more about possession nowadays, less about passion. At least that’s how I feel. Supreme used to be, and still is, pure skate, so you gotta accept the new generation and development. It’s all good, but I’m moving on.

What is it about Supreme that made you such a devoted fan?

Their philosophy of confronting the system as a whole and breaking rules. Supreme connects various cultures and is hardcore — not for everyone.

What other brands are you into?

I am still really into clothing…I dig Alltimers, Noah, A Kind Of Guise and brands with a long, authentic heritage like Stüssy, Patagonia, Fred Perry, Dickies and Converse. Back to basics!

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