Resellers are going above and beyond to make a buck off yesterday's Supreme special edition of the New York Post. To promote the brand's FW18 drop, the paper featured a front cover wrap with Supreme's box logo, with those who purchased the daily reselling the publication for multiple times the original $1.50 price.

New York kiosks were reported to have sold out of Posts by lunchtime yesterday, with Post publisher Jesse Angelo claiming the edition was "flying off the shelves." eBay listings for single issues of the paper have since risen to as much as $46. Elsewhere, Supreme-heads who purchased the paper in bulk are asking $80 for a stack of 10. It's also worthy of note that there are multiple variations of the cover, with different prints and prices.

Angelo told The New York Times, “We knew that this would be a collector’s item. Supreme is such a cool brand and we have so much affinity, to the design kinship of the logos, to being bold, and never shy, and New York-based.”

What are your thoughts on the resale? Would you cop a tabloid for $46?

In case you missed it, here are some more zany accessories from Supreme FW18.

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