On the latest episode of Flips & Bricks, Pete Forester continues his discussion on the $1 billion valuation of Supreme by The Carlyle Group, and whether that number is right with special guest Tyler Blake.

After founder James Jebbia confirmed the sale of a minority stake of Supreme to private equity giant the Carlyle Group back in October, details emerged that the popular skateboard/streetwear brand is valued at a billion dollars. In the episode, Pete breaks down how to obtain the valuation of the brand by using guidelines from International Organization of Standardization to focus on six key areas of evaluating including transparency, validity, reliability, sufficiency, objectivity, and financial/behavioral/legal.

After looking at all the numbers, Forester sits down with YouTuber and street marketing consultant Tyler Blake to further discuss whether or not Supreme’s valuation is correct. Watch Episode 8 of Flips & Bricks above.

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Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

New York based writer that pops flavor and drips sauce.

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