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Struggling with holiday gift ideas this season or just in need of some new wristwear? Terra Cielo Mare has designed a highly limited new watch honoring the contemporary architecture of modern cities, and it’s landed at the perfect time.

The Orienteering Concrete could easily be Q’s Secret Santa for Bond, featuring a CO2 laser engraved concrete dial inspired by brutalist architecture and urban exploration. Based on the original Orienteering BP design worn by Brad Pitt in World War Z (this one is inspired by nature and outdoor exploration), it has the same stellar map on the back case and an inbuilt compass so that you can follow the stars to find your way this Christmas just like the Three Wise Men. Unlike the original, however, this model features an environmentally friendly, recycled carbon fiber strap that’s durable, lightweight and water-resistant — so it’ll survive any New Year’s Eve antics too.

If that wasn’t enough high-tech gadgetry, at closer inspection, the watch has a grade two titanium case, solar compass function, anti-scratch and anti-reflection sapphire crystal and waterproofing. Components that will make a lot of sense to watch aficionados and just sound dope to the rest of us.

Terra Cielo Mare’s limited edition Orienteering Concrete is designed and produced entirely in Italy and it’s available now through the brand’s online store.

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Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor