ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, is now more popular than Netflix's Tiger King.

According to data compiled by Parrot Analytics, a global content demand analytics company, The Last Dance has become the most in-demand documentary in the world. The research firm shows that The Last Dance is the 11th ranked program in the United States this week and in the top 20 worldwide.

Bloomberg points out that documentaries have seen a spike in interest in recent weeks, seemingly due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many to quarantine. Historically, documentaries have not been as popular as sitcoms. More specifically, sports documentaries have been performing particularly well, which could be due to the absence of live sports during the pandemic.

While Netflix is still enjoying the success of Tiger King, which was one of the most popular series in the first quarter of 2020, it also holds the overseas rights to The Last Dance and will be streaming the docu-series in the US this summer. In short, Netflix already has two of the year's most popular documentaries.

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