The North Face is gearing up to release a new capsule celebrating the first-ever dogsled crossing of the Antarctic from 1990. The “Trans-Antarctic” collection is made up of eco-friendly technical garments that draw inspiration from the monumental feat.

The International Trans-Antarctica Expedition from 1990 saw six individuals travel more than 3,700 miles in a matter of 220 days. The purpose was to raise awareness surrounding the early signs of climate change in Antarctica as well as all across the globe.

Officially referred to as “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT,” The North Face capsule is headlined by the Trans Antarctica Parka 70D GORE-TEX 2L. This GORE-TEX jacket is one of the most collectible The North Face pieces ever produced, and it has gone on to inspire multiple TNF x Supreme releases. You can find original versions of the garment currently selling for thousands of dollars. The “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” iteration features waterproof two-layer GORE-TEX made from recycled waste. The parka is branded with “THE NORTH FACE” and “GORE-TEX” tagging, while also boasting the six flags representing the home country of each member of the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition.

Joining the GORE-TEX parka is the Trans Antarctica Fleece Jacket, constructed from microfleece material made from plastic bottles. The lightweight garment has an extended collar, zip pockets, and the same flag motif as the aforementioned GORE-TEX jacket.

Lastly, the “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” collection also includes a white T-shirt featuring a photo taken by Will Steger of three members from the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition.

The North Face has yet to announce release specifics for its “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” capsule, but rumor has it the collection will arrive in November at GOLDWIN.

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