It seems Tyler, the Creator has inadvertently rekindled his beef with Eminem. The rapper sat down with Rick Rubin for a recent episode of the legendary producer's podcast, Broken Record when he commented on Eminem's questionable taste in production, saying "Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever.”

"Some people are thinking of saying cool shit rather than making a good song,” Tyler said, “People who hear a smooth beat like, ‘I’m going fuckin’ yell on it! I’mma do this!’ They’re more thinking of saying cool shit rather than making a good song…" He continued to explain that while Eminem's production isn't great, he remedies it with his lyricism: “His energy and witty lines is what made the songs cool.”

To support his stance, Tyler, the Creator mentioned Jay-Z as an artist who delivers both vocals and beats “perfectly” in his music. Whereas, to him, Ludacris is also guilty of "sometimes picking shitty beats." Listen to his comments below.

Earlier this month, in an interview with the Guardian, Tyler opened up about his beef with Eminem, who had previously taken shots at Tyler with homophobic slurs in his single "Fall." Tyler's response? “Did you ever hear me publicly say anything about that? [...] Don't get offended for me."

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