After a recent hour long video discussion with comedian Jerrod Carmichael, Tyler, the Creator is back with another Flower Boy interview. This time, the rapper sat down with Shane Show host Shane Powers, digging into everything from his Grammy-nominated album to Elon Musk.

On the topic of his Grammy nomination for Rap Album of the Year (at the 50:50 mark), when asked if he thinks he’ll win over fellow nominees JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, and Rapsody. Tyler replied, "Yes." He added, "I think I should win. Something different needs to win. I love Jay, but fuck. You have Grammys, dog. And I love Kendrick, and I think DAMN. was awesome. 'XXX' was my favorite song on that album. But fuck, [he's] nominated for six other ones. Let him get one of those."

Tyler went on to say, "I think it would be tight if I won, just because it's something different. And there's no one speaking for those people. I don't even want to use the word weird, because I feel like that's a cheap word—or eclectic. But [this is for] the 'me's'. We're rarely up there. I know if I win something, they'll feel like they won something."

Tyler also revealed that he’s taking to the stage right before Beyoncé at this year’s Coachella. "It's not nerve wracking, but I know how her fans are," he said. "I could be performing and the first 20,000 people in the front are like, 'Get the fuck off stage, we want to see Beyoncé.'" Tyler said he was happy about the spot, though: "If anything, I go crazy hard and make sure the show is way better when shit like that happens."

Revisit Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy below.

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