Pro skateboarder, Tyshawn Jones, who holds the distinction of being the youngest skater to have a shoe with adidas, recently sat down with Jenkem Magazine to discuss a range of topics relevant to not only his sport, but the lifestyle he keeps.

From his Bronx upbringing, to maintaining a sober lifestyle, to his opinion on his sponsors like Supreme and adidas, he's certainly as candid as when we had a chance to speak with him last September.

To read the full interview, head over to Jenkem Magazine.

Was there anything else specifically that made you think, “This is the kind of life I want”?

It was just really seeing people with money and not living rowdy. I knew I didn’t wanna hang in the hood or gangbang. I knew there was no point to that life. I still see the same kids I went to school with doing nothing, and they see me on the street sometimes and be like, “Yeah, TJ! Keep doing your thing! You really stuck with that skateboard shit! We proud of you!”

I always wanted nice houses or nice cars, so I’d go downtown and actually see that, and I knew what it’d take to get it. I wanted to stay down there and fake it ‘til I made it. Not even fake it, but just surround myself with these people and learn from them and see how they did it and hear their stories. I knew there was nothing uptown for me.

My mom would give me like $10 a day, but when you’re going to school, by 9AM that shit is gone. By the time I got downtown, I ain’t had no money left! I used to ask my friends like, “Can I get a dollar? Can I get a dollar?”

You don’t drink or smoke, right? Does that mean you never have, or you used to but don’t now?

I never have. That shit corny. I’m just not a follower. When you see me, you see people following my lead. I’m not walking behind nobody doing what they doing. People wanna follow me because they can tell I’m doing something positive. It’s not even on some shit where I’m like, “I’m the boss!” People just fuck with me because they know I wouldn’t lead people in the wrong direction.

As a rider for Supreme do you ever get hot Supreme groupies that try to bang?

I mean, I get hoes but… Girls who are groupies or know who you are, they usually don’t want you to know that they know. Even if they do try and come up and talk to you, they’ll never be like, “Oh my god! I love you!” But sometimes you can catch them in lies.

How do you feel about Supreme hypebeasts?

Shit, I don’t give a fuck. Pay my bills [laughs]. Keep it coming, I’d take a raise. You’ll never see me go that crazy for clothes, but shit, if y’all like it that much, you do what you gotta do.

Who pays you more, adidas or Supreme?

If someone who’s reading this is smart, they know who pays more. Look at the kind of companies we’re talking about. It’s obvious. We know.

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