Hear me out – this isn't a spaceship nor a render of some near-future iPhone. It's the ultra-futuristic United Nude "Lo-Res" concept car. 

The bridge between style, sneakers, and the automotive design world is getting shorter and shorter. Between Aimé Leon Dore's 1978 Porsche 911SC, Heron Preston's Mercedes collaboration, Virgil Abloh's take on the G-Wagon, Joshua Vides' BMW, and Rhude x McLaren, no stone is left unturned. 

Thanks to the countless multi-hyphenate artists and creators in the world, the boundaries of design are continually crossed and rewritten, giving us humble fans more and more to gush over. 

Specialists in all things high-heel related, United Nude has sat amongst the growing line of boundary-pushing cross-cultural design collaborators since 2016. 

Dubbed the "Lo-Res Car," the concept vehicle is one of four prototypes commissioned by United Nude's founder Rem D. Koolhaas as a low-resolution version of the Lamborghini Countach. The first of the four won a Wallpaper Magazine Design Award in 2016, with follow-ups appearing in music videos, the 2018 Grand Basel automotive design showcase, and the 2019 Petersen Automotive Museum’s "Disruptors" exhibition.

Despite the name, the vehicle is everything but low-res. Clear-tinted polycarbonate body panels cover a steel chassis that features an electric clamshell opening, polished-metal tandem seating, and a chrome steering wheel. The unorthodox, futuristic design is well in line with United Nude's daring footwear designs, including 3D printed heels that look like relics from a distant future. 

Unfortunately, you won't catch it outside going head-to-head with Tesla's Cybertruck anytime soon, as the "Low-Res Car" isn't titled or registered for street use. 

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