Virgil Abloh has shared a new mix this week, titled "The Loop." The DJ set was recorded live just days ago in his basement and presented on Instagram. Now, courtesy of Test Pressing, you can stream the mix just in case you missed it.

"Another radio show titled “The Loop” played all the house, techno etc tracks I’m listening to at the moment," Abloh said on Instagram. He also provided the tracklist for the set, as he played everyone from Drake, Swae Lee, and French Montana, to Four Tet, Aphex Twin, Radiohead, and David Bowie.

"The vibe came from an urge to use the current spring of 2020, a super unique period in humanity, to state a mission statement," Abloh told Test Pressing of the mix. "I am from Chicago; this mix was made from the conjuring up of the spirit the sentiment of Chicago means to me. The ambition was to tell my story in a mix, as the speed increases; I zig-zag the globe under the guise of electronically produced music, from America to the UK - Europe to the black hoods of America. This mix is a sort of portrait; Playing house and techno from the past. Furthermore, focusing on today and what all these genres mean to me as a DJ."

"The Loop" arrives as Abloh released a DJ set called “Watercolor” earlier in the month. You can stream the new mix on over at Test Pressing.

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