Virgil Abloh recently appeared alongside KAWS on Pharrell's OTHERtone podcast to kick off the new year. During the episode, Abloh dished on what drives his creations and leaving a legacy at Louis Vuitton.

“To me, there’s one level of the work that’s designing at Louis, but my real job is to make sure that there’s, like, six young Black kids that take my job after me," Virgil began. "For me, it’s not just to run around and make cool stuff. None of that really feeds my ego. What I would be more impressed by is the next candidate for a house that gets hired as the next head designer has this, like, multidisciplinary background and comes from, you know, not a fashion school and thinks in a different dimension and him get a shot.”

Pharrell, who similarly paved the way for Black individuals to follow in his footsteps in multiple industries, responded to Abloh's remarks by touching on the importance of not only opening the door, so to speak, but leaving it open so others can take the path once untraveled.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Virgil, Pharrell, and KAWS opened up about the past affecting new projects, although the creatives hold different points of view on the topic. To delve into the overall conversation, see the coinciding excerpt below.

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