Westworld season 3 trailer

HBO has unveiled the official poster for the upcoming third season of Westworld. The chilling imagery bodes an ominous threat and raises plenty of questions about what fans can expect when the sci-fi series returns.

The poster (pictured below) depicts a robot kneeling against a pink background of an urban cityscape. Most striking is the image’s caption, and what is perhaps the coming season’s tagline: “Free will is not free.”

Previous seasons at Westworld have explored the concept of free will among robots, or “hosts,” created to be used by humans in theme parks. So far in the story, several hosts have rebelled and broken free of their programming. With this new motto for season 3, it seems that the television series will explore more to truly free the host team, and perhaps the poster even hints at a robot rebellion.

HBO previously unveiled the trailer for the upcoming season, you can watch it here, and the previous trailer here. Westworld season 3 is set to debut this year.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer