YouTube is adding to its most annoying feature: ads. The video platform has announced it will start running ads on non-monetized channels and creators with a low subscriber count won't receive a share of the revenue.

YouTube amended its terms of service last week, a move that cemented the decision not to pay non-monetized channels for serving ads. The announcement sparked outrage among creators, especially those starting out.

Ordinarily, YouTubers could join the YouTube Partner Program. In doing so, they agree to let the platform run ads on their videos and both parties earn money off them. For many creators, this is their main source of income from the platform. Originally to monetize their content channels had to meet the eligibility criteria, such as having over 1000 subscribers and more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.

Moving forward, creators that chose not to monetize their channels or those who don't meet the criteria will have no choice but to have their content interrupted by ads with no personal profit. This means that video content created by small brands and start-out vloggers will help YouTube to line its pockets while receiving nothing themselves.

Understandably, the YouTube community is outraged. Since announcing the controversial change, the platform has been flooded with videos criticizing the company’s decision not to share ad revenue. Their main argument being: if they’re being forced to serve ads, smaller channels should earn a share of the revenue.

Creators and viewers alike continue to lose faith in YouTube over its increasingly infuriating updates, but letting down the people that helped build the platform is a new low. Perhaps it's time to try a different platform all together.

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