Former Twitch streamer Yuber has taken to YouTube to upload an emotional video discussing what full-time video game streaming has done to his life. Over the course of the video, the gamer describes how he tried to make a living through Twitch streaming but in the process lost most of the things in life he cared about, including his girlfriend and most of his friends.

The video soon made its way to Reddit’s popular r/videos subreddit, where it currently has nearly 40,000 upvotes and over 5,000 comments. Many in the comments have expressed gratitude for the honesty portrayed in Yuber’s confession, offering words of sympathy and sharing their own stories in return.

While success is certainly not guaranteed on Twitch or any streaming platform for that matter, the video does indeed shed a light on the realities of trying to “make it” in an environment where only so few do. On Reddit, many compared Yuber’s experiences with those in the entertainment business.

Watch the video above in full and let us know your experiences in the comments section. On a positive note, Yuber’s Instagram still has a few videos that are sure to make laugh, like the below clip.

$8.50 AN HOUR??? #lol #twitch #pranksgonewrong #pranks #lmao #job

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