Tune in and turn up

Although no one was asking for his opinion, Lupe Fiasco has inserted himself into the brewing beef between Drake and Kid Cudi, and he’s made it clear he’s on the side of the Canadian rapper.

“Can somebody please send me a meme/pic of a duck in a barbershop getting a fade..thanx in advance,” Lupe began somewhat cryptically on Twitter, before posting a picture of Drake laughing and clearly signaling his allegiances. In case there was any doubt about his feelings toward Kid Cudi, he went on to tweet that he was a “disrespectful clown” and said “I hope drake slaps gold out that n*gga tho.”

When a Twitter user pointed out that the situation had nothing to do with Lupe Fiasco, he hinted at their previous beef, saying “Cudi has his irons in many fires” and that he’s “been at his neck for two years.”

Watch the pettiness unfold below:

Meanwhile, Kid Cudi has clapped back at Drake, telling him to “say it to my face, pussy.”

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