Where the runway meets the street

While out partying with the Golden State Warriors on Saturday, Drake took a serious L — at least in the eyes of Draymond Green.

While celebrating his win, Green turned his attention to what Drizzy was wearing — a white satin Supreme bomber, blue tracksuit pants, white socks and Air Max 95s — and did not take too kindly to it.

In a video posted to his Snapchat account, Green is heard laughing hard while he zooms in and out on the offending pieces.

Drake doesn’t seem too upset by it though and plays along posing for the camera. The player then turns his attention away from Drake, roasting fellow teammates Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry for their “terrible jackets!!!”

Watch the video above and see if you agree with Green’s analysis of Drake’s fit.

In other NBA-meets-fashion news, watch Gary Payton II wear the KAWS Jordan IV during an NBA game.

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