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If you were late to the game in placing a pre-order for Bally’s kaleidoscopic collaboration with Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, the wait is over because the full collection has officially dropped.

As part of Bally’s new artist initiative called the ‘Bally Collective’, Grammy-nominated artist Swizz Beatz was tapped to curate the collaboration between the the Swiss luxury fashion label and Cavolo, resulting in a partnership that takes Bally’s creative vision to new heights.

The collection, featuring pieces for both men and women, is centered around Cavolo’s electic artwork and Swizz’s ethos of freedom. “When I spoke with Swizz about the concept of the collection, he told me he wanted me to create something about when the artist works with total freedom, the creation with no borders,” explains Cavolo.

“So I decided to create a few characters representing the artists, who let the animal they have inside out. Working with freedom and no borders means to work with that animal inside of us. These characters are sort of gods or shamans with his/her spirit animal (as totems).”

The ‘Bally Collective’ curated by Swizz Beatz is available for purchase now on Bally’s US site and Bally Flagship stores in NYC and Los Angeles, as well as Bally in London.

Words by Daniel So
Branded Content Editor

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