Cop It, Then Rock It

Jaden Smith’s effortless style has turned heads in the last few years. The rapper-cum-actor has piqued our interest as well and was featured in the most recent issue of Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 15.

When it comes to pantaloons, the young Smith turns even more heads, with his eclectic off-kilter choices that range from distressed to torn to covered in patches. No matter the pattern, no matter the length, Smith will rock it and with aplomb.

His exposure to fashion at a young age may explain his bold behavior, which has extended to his choice of pants. He’s unafraid to test the boundaries between high and low fashion, adding a youthfulness to the more traditional archetypal garments. And we applaud him for it.

We hope to see more eye-catching numbers that are as colorful as his career progresses. Until then, peep our selection of pants we think Jaden would rock.

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Words by Molly Hannon
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