50 cent trolls kanye west nike campaign Adidas just do it

In the wake of Nike’s new “Just Do It” campaign, celebrating the motto’s 30th anniversary and starring Colin Kaepernick, many have spoken out in support or disapproval of the partnership, including the NFL and even President Donald Trump.

One of the outspoken supporters, however, is rapper/actor 50 Cent, who recently published the controversial Nike ad on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Good morning this is the BEST NIKE Campaign ever, What a statement, I can dig it man I like this.” The ad showcases a portrait of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, whose NFL career came to an end after no team elected to sign him in the wake of his protests against racial injustice and police brutality in 2016.

Shortly right after showcasing his support for Nike and Kaepernick, 50 Cent threw some shade at Kanye West in a photoshopped meme mimicking Nike’s ad, in which Ye is repping adidas amidst the slogan “slavery was a choice,” which was a comment Kanye West made during his interview with TMZ back in May.

However, 50 Cent shared the image in a playful way, saying, “Yeezy be saying some bulls**t but he still ours meaning Hip Hop,” writes 50. “I like this too not what he says, but what he is.”

Then, he concludes his mini-rant on Instagram by posting an image of TMZ’s Van Lathan during Yeezy’s infamous interview, where “slavery is a choice” originated. “We need moments like this to define us, the way @vanlathan responded to Kanye made me glad he was on that TMZ show,” writes 50. “What the f**k would have happen if he wasn’t there?”

Now, here’s why Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign is equal parts strategic and progressive.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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