After recently releasing a co-branded ZX 8000 collaboration, adidas and LEGO have come out to share news of an ongoing alliance. The equally iconic sportswear brand and toy company are joining forces for a multi-year partnership to create products that will inspire creativity and promote inclusivity.

“Our goal is to use the power of sport to change lives, grounded in creativity as the vehicle to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds," said Aimee Arana, SVP General Manager, Global Training at adidas. "An innovative partner like the LEGO Group allows us to together imagine up new concepts and products that will spark creativity in an inclusive way, particularly helping the development of younger generations.”

adidas and LEGO are creating products for both kids and adults, ranging from footwear and apparel to hardware. The goods will be geared towards sports and an active lifestyle, with items scheduled to arrive in December and throughout 2021.

According to LEGO, fans can expect "colorful, inventive concepts that spark imagination, a sense of optimism whilst reflecting each brand’s commitments to inclusivity."

Be sure to stay tuned for more on what's in store from adidas and LEGO.

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