When it comes to eco-innovation, no other footwear company has done more to help save the environment than adidas has with its Parley for the Oceans partnership. Today, the collaboration chugs along as they drop the latest UltraBOOST Parley in a new “Deep Ocean Blue” colorway, an innovative silhouette designed to not only combat plastic pollution, but also look stylish as hell while doing so.

It’ll also serve as the official shoe for Run for the Oceans 2018, adidas’ biggest global event series that empowers runners to to fight marine plastic pollution taking place worldwide between now and July 8. This year adidas will match every kilometer run with a $1 donation, for the first one million kilometers, to support the Parley Ocean School initiative which educates the next generation on how to protect our oceans.

The “Deep Ocean Blue” colorway is inspired by the depths of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the world’s oceans, while its Parley Ocean Plastic Primeknit uppers are made from approximately 11 plastic bottles all retrieved from beaches and coastal communities.

Since the partnership was formed in 2015 not only has adidas made it easy for athletes to help join the fight, they’ve made it stylish too. Just ask model and avid adventurer Tavia Bonetti, who we linked up with to find out what motivates her to stay outdoors, what she can’t train without, and why sustainability is important to her.

Check out our interview below with Bonetti, and look for the “Deep Ocean Blue” UltraBOOST Parley online today and in-stores worldwide from June 27.

What's your exercise routine like?

I like to keep out of the gym as much as possible so my routine is pretty non-existent, However, I'm always on the go either hiking, skating, rollerblading, swimming, or snowboarding. I love to always be constantly moving and having fun so that and being active go hand in hand.

You’re an avid adventurer with a taste for the outdoors. What impact has sports had on your life?

A huge impact. Growing up with brothers and very active parents I feel has shaped me into living a fit lifestyle without even really trying as it’s all I’ve known.

What are you working towards now?

I’m working towards getting into acting and also opening up my own concept store in my hometown of Vancouver.

How will the power of sports help you get there?

Sports will always have an influence on me and everything I do. I plan to bring the sports side of fashion to the store and spread my overall look towards that.

How do you think sport relates to creativity?

By being a very active person it’s been fun to play creatively along the sporty tomboy vibe in photoshoots. I’ve always had more fun styling myself in menswear or making sporty look sexy.

How does it influence your work?

It actually has a huge influence on my work via the jobs I book; I’m always working jobs where I’m asked to bring my skateboard or jump on to something. I just did an amazing shoot where I got to wakeboard which I love to do. When work doesn’t feel like work I think it shows through the photos and makes for a great action shot.

From sneakers to tech, to your outfit, what can’t you train without?

A good comfortable sports bra. All of my workout outfits are adidas, I love everything they make. This new bra they sent me has the craziest material, I find myself washing it daily so I can wear it when I'm running around.

Why is it important that brands like adidas equip athletes with sustainable gear like the adidas x Parley collaboration?

It's important because comfort is key when it comes to performance, and when you can make a shoe that is not only comfortable to wear but good for the environment, it makes you feel good wearing it.

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