Life can be exhausting. On top of our daily routines, today’s social and cultural expectations are a massive drain, exacerbated by the smartphones that are now attached to each of us.

But awareness creates the opportunity for action, and calm spaces are all around us. Quiet, undistracted moments are a key ingredient in fostering motivation and creativity. For some, this means meditation or a slow walk, for others, it’s about finding a peaceful place that reflects the mental state we want to achieve.

Partnering with Prada Eyewear, we set out to find a leader within his or her field that has harnessed quiet moments to develop a more creative mind. Dany Dos Santos, perhaps more widely recognized by his Instagram handle, @Alkarus, is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Drôle de Monsieur, a menswear brand based in Dijon, France. With over 80,000 Instagram followers, his own brand, and a daily routine just like everyone else, Santos’ life is filled with noise. “It’s a real challenge," he explained. "It isn’t easy because my job requires me to be focused all the time.”

It's during these quiet moments that we can step back, observe things more broadly and at a slower pace, and connect the dots. "Relaxation is as important to me as my work,” Santos continued. “We all need to time to develop and reflect to build our imagination. Relaxing and gaining time away from the world gives me this." Stress can only be constructive when it's in harmony with calm, therefore the answer is to develop balance.

You always have to maintain an element of perspective on what you’re doing and the direction you’re heading. Perspective is fundamental to achieving success. Our working lives bring stress—they require us to maintain a high degree of focus in short bursts. This never allows us to gain any wider perspective on what we’re doing. We need to stand back, take it all in. Success is only possible when the vibe is relaxed and the perspective is wide and open.

Dany Dos Santos

In our latest video, Dany Dos Santos shared a part of his journey before taking us to his place of tranquility. Just like his office, it's a creative and productive space, the input and output might be different, but the endeavor is equally important. "In these moments of escape, I feel free," Santos exclaimed.

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