Apple has been teasing new emojis for quite some time. Now with the arrival of iOS 14.2, more than 100 new characters are available, including the long-awaited "Cry Smile" and "Fisting" icons.

The "Fisting" emoji, officially referred to as "Pinched Fingers," was revealed at the beginning of the year, leading many to interpret it as a fisting gesture. In addition to that particular character and the "Cry Smile," another standout is the "Face with Medical Mask," which has been altered to include a smile beneath the face covering, because wearing a mask no longer implies that someone is sick.

iOS 14.2 also brings more gender neutral designs, new food items such as bubble tea and a tamale, and new animals ranging from a bison and a mammoth to a black cat and a panda.

You can take advantage of the 117 new emojis today by updating your Apple device to iOS 14.2. For a closer look at each character, visit Emojipedia.

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