A$AP Rocky is a lot of things: He's a consummate pretty boy, a fashion killa, a jiggy Harlem dude with the gold links - the list goes on. He's also proved to be a style chameleon, effortlessly sliding between dapper Dior gang member and streetwear gawd. Rocky's high-low sensibility and inherent understanding of popular culture have made him a front row fixture at global fashion weeks, and seen him helm collaborations with luxury and high-street brands.

The latest label to receive the Rocky touch is online fashion platform Zalando. Rocky got directly involved with the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign and brought four supermodel friends along. The campaign's theme - remixing fashion - couldn't be more appropriate for the musician. Ahead of the launch Rocky took some time out of his schedule to discuss style, supermodels and toothbrush theft with us...

What's been your favorite fashion week show so far?

Dior of course, then there was what The North Face did, Prada and Balenciaga.

How did you connect with Zalando?

First there was the music performance I did back in Berlin for Zalando’s Bread&Butter, which was amazing. Then we talked about this fashion/music video concept, which made sense so we did it.

Why did you feel like you and the A$AP collective were a natural fit for the “Fashion Remix” campaign?

It’s the fashionisto’s, it goes hand in hand. It was a no brainer you know, mixing high-end with high-street to remix fashion and doing your own take on this.

You often mix high-end fashion with more high street looks. How did you express this in the campaign?

It’s the high-end with the streetwear, it’s a marriage and all. It’s gathering it together to make it look great. It’s all about expressing your personal style in this.

How was working with four top models - did you end up imparting any styling advice?

They were kind a set and looking their part in the high to low outfits. We were creative with what we had and made it work with their own style.

What is the ultimate “look without limit” for a woman?

Personal individuality that’s it, your personal style that is all that matters. A lot of people have money and buy clothes, but you can’t buy personal style.

If you could remix A$AP Mob’s style look what would it be?

My personal style to evolve it how I like it to the next level, low-end level, mastered-level.

How would you say your personal style has evolved in the last year?

I really wouldn’t know, cause I wouldn’t want to wear without anyone judging it.

What’s the new designer move for 2017?

J.W. Anderson.

Have you and Ferg made up from toothbrush-gate?

Man, I’m going to whip Ferg’s ass. No I’m joking, he is a brother man. We just call down the room service and get more.

Friday night at the A$AP Hotel - what’s really going down?

Only good things.


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