It has been exactly 12 days since A$AP Rocky was released temporarily at the end of his trial in Stockholm, Sweden and returned home to the US to await the ruling on charges of assault. Now the verdict is in and Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, has been found guilty of assault, reports Rocky will serve no jail time, but he has received two years' probation.

In addition, he has been ordered to pay 12,500 Swedish kronor (approximately $1,300) to the victim, a fine that he will share with his two associates, who were also convicted in the case.

During the ruling, the judge said that the evidence in the case was complex, but rejected Rocky’s claim of self-defense. However, the victim and his lawyer failed to prove that Rocky used any bottles in the attack, a claim that had been a central point during the trial, and if proven would likely to have led to harsher sentencing.

The incident that sparked the case was first reported by the Swedish press on June 30 and it quickly became one of the most highly publicized and debated celebrity court cases of recent times, with everyone from Tyler, the Creator to President Donald Trump weighing in with their two cents.

Rocky has already spent a month in jail along with two members of his entourage. He was taken into custody on July 3 after claims that he and his group had attacked 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari in Stockholm while the rapper was in the city as part of his "Injured Generation" tour. Videos of an altercation had started spreading online on July 1, with Rocky releasing his own video on Instagram in a bid to highlight how he and his entourage were provoked by Jafari.

These events were dissected and evaluated in court from July 30 until August 2 before the judge reached today's verdict. You can listen to Rocky's court testimony here. For a full refresher, check out our complete timeline of events here.

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