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Drake recently dropped his fifth studio album Scorpion to positive reviews, however, not everyone was happy about the release. The double-sided album which boasts a number of features also includes a never-before-heard vocal sample from Michael Jackson, of which nephew Austin Brown, was none too pleased.

As heard on Side B of the record, the song “Don’t Matter To Me” is built around an unreleased track by the King of Pop. His vocals can clearly be heard alongside the Toronto rapper, with production credits for the song going to Nineteen85, Noah “40” Shebib, and fellow Canadian Paul Anka. According to SPIN, Anka also served as co-writer on the original 1983 version of “Love Never Felt So Good.”

Despite the credits, MJ’s nephew Austin Brown was not thrilled about the sample. In an interview with TMZ, Brown, (the son of Rebbie Jackson) shared his thoughts on why he wasn’t excited by Drake’s use.

“I just feel like, if he didn’t finish it, then you shouldn’t use it,” he told TMZ. “I respect the artist but I just don’t feel like it’s OK to use someone’s vocals… and change them.” He added, “It’s music at the end of the day, you know it’s art. I’m not gonna say taking advantage… I wouldn’t do it.”

Check out the original interview in full below.

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Similarly, Lil B’s producer claims Drake unlawfully used one of his beats on ‘Scorpion.’ More on that here.

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