During chaotic times like these, artists like Bakar have the power to keep you grounded. The London musician fully embraces genre fluidity, referring to his style as "schizophrenic" in interviews because of the way he bounces from electro-R&B to indie rock and hip-hop. He's the definition of alternative, if that word still even means anything anymore. Today, we're premiering the Aidan Cullen-directed video for his new single, "Hell N Back."

The visual depicts Bakar's tumultuous journey to find peace as he roams a vacant beach alone at dawn. The upbeat track is fresh off Bakar's Will You Be My Yellow EP. The Zach Nahome-produced project delves into the multitude of vulnerability, and is expected to arrive on September 13 via Blackbutter. Take a much-needed breather as this week finally comes to a close, and watch the narrative unfold above.

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