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They say that home is where the heart is, but there’s so much more to a space than decorating it to impress your guests. It’s important to feel comfortable where you live, so investing in high quality products that will provide long-term benefits is not only worthwhile, but priceless.

You don’t have to be a wellness guru in order to elevate your lifestyle — all it takes is some internal work, getting in touch with your senses, and a stable WiFi connection to place a mass quantity of online orders.

We’ve rounded up a selection of 16 luxury home décor items that will assist in your journey to implement effective change and emit positive vibrations into the atmosphere that you occupy every single day. Scroll down for the full registry and let the home improving begin (We haven’t included plants and flowers, which are always a good idea, because we recommend you support your local shops instead.)

Essential Oil Diffuser

Stone Diffuser


Buy at Vitruvi

Aromatherapy is a very real thing so why not invest in one of the best essential oil diffusers on the market? It’s even Goop-approved if proximity to Gwyneth Paltrow holds any significance to you.

Smoking Pipe



Buy at Laundry Day

Stylish stoners are seriously living their best lives right now and this transparent pipe from Laundry Day is a must-have with its sleek depression glass appearance.

Functional Fragrance

Functional Fragrance

The Nue Co

Buy at The Nue Co

Spray all your troubles away with this delicious bottle of anti-stress from The Nue Co.

Sex Essentials

Kit 2


Buy at Getmaude

Sex always sells, but there’s still a stigma of shame present despite all of the recent progress in regards to liberation. Keep things minimal (and gender-inclusive) with Maude’s subtle set of organic lube and latex condoms that you won’t want to hide in your bedroom drawer.

Holy Wood

Palo Santo


Buy at oroborostore

Protect your energy with this bundle of spiritual bliss from Incausa. Be mindful when using nature’s holy wood.


Strike Up Match Striker




Buy at Need Supply


Because matches are way more fun than lighters.


Rounded Vase


Buy at ARKET

Plants have feelings too and they definitely want to show off in designer vases. Nobody likes a sad plant, sorry I don’t make the rules.


Pillo For Sex


Buy at DAME

There’s nothing better than a multi-purpose product that maintains a subtle physique. Spice up your home life with some sexy furniture support.

Floor Cushions

Zafu Pillow


Buy at cb2

Sometimes sitting on the floor just feels better, don’t question it.

Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil Incense

Province Apothecary

Buy at Province Apothecary

Essential oils go a long way. In addition to using them for aromatherapy, some of them can function as skincare remedies!

Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Urban Outfitters

Sold Out at Urban Outfitters

No guarantees that this salt lamp will spark joy, but they are proven to improve a handful of things like air circulation, allergies, mood, and sleep habits when activated.


Earth Signs


Buy at Hello-Nova

Maybe you don’t believe in astrology or the divine spirits of the universe, but smelling good is a non-negotiable and this candle will take the scent of your space to new heights.

Sage Sticks

White Sage Bundle


Buy at oroborostore

Bad energy is the last thing that you want visiting your home. Cast any negativity away with a sage stick and manifest all the goodness that the universe has to offer.


Weighted Blanket


Buy at amazon

Is there anything more comforting than a soft blanket made out of merino wool weighing you down? Didn’t think so.




Buy at amazon

A good comforter goes a long way, but one that is hypoallergenic? Even better. Between the eucalyptus fabric and recycled PET fill fibers, you’ll get the best sleep of your life.


Soba Cha Tea

Leaves & Flowers



Buy at Totokaelo


Give yourself a break from coffee or whatever caffeinated beverage keeps you running all day and switch to this roasted buckwheat loose-leaf tea. Serve, spill, and sip all the tea!

Poo Drops

Poo Drops


from $25
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We all do it so we should at least feel good about it!

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

Softcore tastemaker at your service.