After getting a look at the George Floyd protests in New York City and Los Angeles, we now have images from the recent Black Lives Matter protest in Düsseldorf, Germany. Photographer Lucas Caqlar was on the ground this weekend to document how people in Germany are coming together to condemn the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Protests demanding justice for George Floyd and decrying institutionalized racism have swept across the USA and taken hold in countless cities worldwide. This weekend, 19 cities across Germany showed solidarity in a "Silent Demonstration," named after the 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence, the amount of time Floyd fought for his life.

Notably, 80,000 people gathered in the capital Berlin, 20,000 in Düsseldorf, and 25,000 in Munich. The protests not only showed solidarity with the black community in the US but also denounced local institutionalized racism, which is an everyday reality for black Germans as well. It was also a moment to mourn the countless victims of racially-driven police brutality within Germany.

Swipe through the gallery above to witness the Black Lives Matter movement in Germany, captured by Lucas Caqlar.

Join us in taking a stance against institutionalized racism.

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