A new study has shown that, contrary to previous concerns, there is no evidence that the wave of Black Lives Matter protests across the US has sparked Covid-19 outbreaks.

The paper, published Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research, uses data taken from protests across 300+ of the biggest US cities. The data indicates that there's no evidence that links the protests with the rise in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, rather it is linked to states reopening and relaxing quarantine regulations rather than anti-racism protests.

Further, the study shows that social distancing behaviors have increased in the aftermath of the protests, possibly counteracting any effects these large gatherings could have had on the spread of the virus.

"Our findings suggest that any direct decrease in social distancing among the subset of the population participating in the protests is more than offset by increasing social distancing behavior among others who may choose to shelter-at-home and circumvent public places while the protests are underway," the study reads.

Similarly, a report by the Wall Street Journal last week suggested that early testing data from cities across the country show that Black Lives Matter protests haven't led to a spike in new cases.

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