After seven years, Blondey McCoy has left Palace Skateboards. The 21-year-old skateboarder and designer announced that he would no longer represent the skate brand via an Instagram post this weekend.

McCoy wrote, “I have always considered myself very fortunate to have been dealt the cards I have in life, and have always recognised that my being welcomed into the Palace family in 2012 (when I was 14 and the brand was 3 years old) as one card dealt that bore immeasurable significance. In a sense, the company and I have grown up together, with the stories of our formative years intertwined and dependent upon each other.”

With McCoy's own star in the ascendence, he acknowledges that now is the time for him and Palace to pursue “separate futures.” He launched his own label Thames last year and was recently tapped to launch Farfetch’s new bespoke consumer experience.

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