Supreme's box logo Oreo drops today. In the run-up, the brand tapped a familiar face (or rather, mouth) to spotlight the coveted cookie — Bread Face. Famous for smashing her face into various bready objects, the Instagram sensation took a break from her usual #breadfacing routine to chew upon this season's tastiest accessory.

Take a look below and, if you have no idea who she is, keep scrolling for our brief introduction.

In 2015, "Bread Face" started her Instagram account and dedicated it to a simple, three-step idea: Step 1. Smash face into bread. Step 2. Film it. Step 3. Post the video.

Her first ever dalliance with her new-found carby calling featured Martin's Potato Rolls while Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" played in the background.

People apparently found the video oddly satisfying and she's since amassed 195,000 followers on Instagram. Discussing the idea behind her profile to Refinery29, she explained, "I always try to give into harmless impulses as much as I can."

As for her favorite bread to smash her face in? She's had a few over the years. In 2015, she told Maxim, "I can say which one was the most pleasant for my face — the Kaiser Roll was fantastic ... as was the wonder bread, naan, and tortillas. I like a lot of them but if you watch those specific ones, you can tell they're my favorite."

She's also single out sponge cakes as "luxurious and resilient" during an interview with INDIE.

Watch some of our favorite Bread Face posts below.



Liege Waffle

Custard Tart (we think)

Sesame Sourdough

Flourless Chocolate Cake

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