While he's been radiating loads of sage sympathy and concern in recent years as Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred, in the Dark Knight Trilogy, (Sir) Michael Caine cut his silver screen teeth about a half-century ago as a commanding force all his own. The man has always had a remarkable, if not intimidating, sense of style, marked by some particularly bold bravado that seemed to germinate in the 1960s and burn right into the '70s. (Of course modern Michael Caine, ostensibly rolling up some Strawberry Cough and diving into a library of chill-out music, is no slouch either.)

Right. Be more like 1970s Michael Caine after the jump.

Large Tinted Eyeglasses

Oversized eyeglasses like these Luxottica LU 3514Us look extra Caine-tangy with a rose or amber tint. Big on the face, they are eye-catching without being total total mind benders.

A Snazzy Fitted Blazer

This specimen from Alexander McQueen has a jazzy print that is loud in a throwback way. A close inspection, however, reveals a cast of hundreds of skulls. Metal and meticulous, this seems right fucking proper for an Italian Job or two.

An Ascot

Probably the toughest bit to pull off, an ascot can easily make you look like an asshole. Better go full throttle if you decide to chase this dragon. S.F.-based Ceravelo makes some nice looking specimens from reclaimed fabric. If you like the neck-feel, keep in mind that Caine has also killed quite a few turtlenecks in his day.


The swagger that drips off of 1970s Michael Caine has the sweet sting of Cognac. We're not totally certain that he drinks the stuff, but it's certainly easy to imagine him with a snifter cradled in one hand while the other moves wildly through the smoke-filled air of a darkened pub, punctuating some lavish tale of carnal conquest. Camus makes a damn fancy Cognac, the likes of which would suit a man of this stature. Plus, the brand name will make any tall tales shine with an absurdist sheen.

A Good Michael Caine Impression

This exchange between Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan from the amazing BBC series, The Trip (which was released stateside as a movie of the same name) gives you all sorts of tips for perfecting a Michael Caine impression. You could also go the easier Peter Sellers route and repeatedly blurt: "There's not many people know that ..." after every third thing you say. Not much of an impressionist? Not to fear. Simply pinch your nostrils together and say "My cocaine."

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